Bullet Journal (Digital) how to use this with Notion

Bullet Journal (Digital) how to use this with Notion

Today we just dropped a FREE digital bullet journal on our site. Here, we’ll be showing you how you could use it with our new 2023 Notion Dashboard Template that we’ve also launched. Disclaimer: You need Notability to link the 2 to keep them synced. So if you don’t have (or plan to have) Notability, feel free to leave this blog or skip the last couple paragraphs.

Firstly, I love free stuff. Who doesn’t? I also love anything that can be discounted to a more reasonable price. So for those of you in our community (it’s free to join), you’ll get 25% off our new Notion template , which is listed on our community page of our website, or just head here.

I mentioned these in our last blogs, but for any database (I always use these in my dashboard) don’t forget that you can use these super handy filters. This makes it more realistic or ideal to stick to the same database where you can. For my personal stuff, I use the same database, have it in several different views throughout my Notion and just use different filters.

This is because in a way, all of my personal stuff is related, and where I can, I like to see everything automated and synced up . Speaking of, in this dashboard, I’ve coded for automated recurring tasks as can kind of be seen here.

The recurring tasks also make it possible to have tasks that recur at different intervals, such as days, certain days, weeks, months and years.

I have to say, I’ve been trying to work out for the longest time (it’s a continual thing) how on earth to make systems like this work better for me … Not the other way around. So I often end up searching Pinterest and YouTube for Notion hacks, ideas and inevitably, I came across Thomas Frank. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the Notion guru, and does this for a living… I was trying to work out how to set up recurring tasks and came across his YouTube video on them. For more detailed info on recurring tasks and how they work in your habits section of the template feel free to check out Thomas Franks blog here at:

The Best Way to Create Recurring Tasks in Notion (2023)

Syncing your digital planner with Notion via Notability

Disclaimer (again), but there is a file size limit to what you can add in a way that allows them to stay synced. The empty digital planners (with the exemption of the bullet journals) before they’ve even been used are too large a file size to do this (unless you compress the file down to 5MB or less which will also decrease the resolution and quality). Okay, so once you’ve gotten past all of this, make sure you download the (bullet) journal and open it with Notability.

Under share, select the create a link button.

Once the link is created, you’ll see this. Then click share a link.

Go ahead and copy link. Then back in Notion, create an embed and paste this link in.

You’ll end up with a window like this. Now, everytime you edit the journal in Notability, you can tap the update note option, and this will sync your notes and these changes will be reflected in Notion. Pretty cool!! I’ve been doing this with my husband on our home Notion board, I have it set up for each major section of our house. That way he can see the drawing plans, and any edits etc that have been made in real time.

Here’s a quick video I made on how to link your Bullet Journal with your Notion too if that’s more helpful, check it out here.

Good Luck and all the best!

Te Ana

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