January 2023

January 2023

Happy New Year!


Going into a new year (at the beginning at least) I often find so exciting! With a new year, much like with everyday, is a new opportunity to change.

This year on our website, we've created a members only area that is only available to anyone who has signed up to join the Inkiest Co. Community (under Inkiest Co. Society on the top menu of site). This is where we'll have free product's, widgets, links and just free (links to) resources. It's also free to sign up and join too! There are already 2 posts up now! 

We'll continue to put stuff here, just know that most of our resources and energy will be going onto the community area so that we don't just have anyone people selling off the things that we've made.

Have a great summer fellow Southern Hemispherians!

Te Ana,

Inkiest Co.

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