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New beginnings

Kia Ora

Merry Christmas, and welcome to our first blog post. Before you start your Boxing Day shopping, we’ve created a (free)  beauty organiser template for those of you who use Notion. 💄 This will be a great way to know what you have, what for, their cost(s), and when you’ll be due for a top-up. If you’re not sure what Notion is, it's a note-taking app, that is not only a powerhouse of streamlined notes and projects, that makes organising and planning so DAMN easy… But the app is also free!! I’ve been using it for years!! Remember, that although this may be a template, you can always adjust it to suit your personal preferences. Aaaaand, if someone needs some gift ideas or inspo, you can always send them a link to this 😉 To get yours, head here. 

Here’s to a better, much easier, and productive year!

Merry Christmas,

Inkiest Co.

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