Bucket list Part 1

Bucket list Part 1

Happy New Years!! 

Let’s talk goals…
1. What are your goals for the year/ your New Years Resolutions?
2. Then how do these help you with your ‘bucket list’ goals?
3. What are your bucket list goals?
4. And finally, how do these tie in with your end goal/ game?

🤍 For example, my career end game is to be a trauma surgeon, doing deployments with Doctors Without Borders and the Navy, balanced with some work in a hospital and search and rescue.

I then worked backwards from this.

I served 5.5 years in the Royal New Zealand Navy, which gave me lots of experience, travel and training… This directly relates to Doctors Without Borders (often on the fringes of a war/ dangerous zone), search and rescue and (obviously) Navy. 

I’ve just finished my psychology degree. This ties into Doctors without borders and Navy, as a trauma surgeon, and experiences that my most probable patients will have most likely gained some sort of psychological trauma when they gained their injury/ wounds. Such as PTSD, depression etc etc… 

I start medical school this year, this is the most vital component of achieving my end goal of becoming a surgeon… 👩🏽‍⚕️

This is just an example to work out your micro goals, think this month or year, which may (or may not) lead you to achieving your macro goals, think 10 years from now, which may lead you to your end goal. Sometimes, the best way to way to frame this would be in the ‘Tombstone theory.’ This is essentially, what will be hypothetically written on your tombstone/ headstone when you die. When you die, what would you like to be written on your tombstone/ headstone? What will you be known/ remembered for? What is the legacy you leave behind? Then work backwards from there. Is what you’re doing today going to help or hinder that narrative, that message, the legacy that will be on your headstone, or what people will remember you for. In the end, we all die, but how do you want to be remembered when it happens?

This is quite private, so you don’t need to tell me, but it is certainly worth reflecting on. A great app that I use to reflect on all of this is stoic, which is free on iOS and Android! 😁

Enjoy your New Year’s celebrations, and bring on 2022!

Te Ana

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