Notability vs GoodNotes | Why I use both

Notability vs GoodNotes | Why I use both

Benefits of Using Both Notability and GoodNotes

  1. Comprehensive note taking solution and a beautiful notebook experience

  2. Ability to create and organize notes in Notability that can be synced on Notion

  3. Ability to export notes to GoodNotes for a more aesthetically pleasing experience with awesome little tools such as being able to freehand crop which makes it ideal for digital planners

  4. Both apps can record audio for meetings, classes etc. However, Notability takes it that one step further by tracking your note-taking during recordings. This way, when you play-back a recording, it can also show you what you did on your notes at those timestamps.

  5. Both of these apps have a snap to shape function, whereby, if you’re trying to draw a shape, if you hold the pen down at the end of the shape it will automatically create a perfect* shape.

    *They will snap to the ‘perfect’ shape, but will try to maintain the same style you drew it in. See comparison videos below


Additional Benefits

In addition to the benefits listed above, using both Notability and GoodNotes can provide you with a few extra advantages. Notability's annotation features can be used to make detailed notes, while GoodNotes' handwriting and drawing tools can be used to create visually appealing diagrams and illustrations. You can also use both apps together to easily collaborate on documents with other people. Furthermore, both apps offer cloud syncing, so you can access your notes on any device without worrying about losing them.

Notability has a few features that definitely make it more ideal for use at uni, such as the aforementioned audio and note-taking syncing but also that notability has a notably (see what I did there 😉) better system when it comes to editing and moving objects also. The snap to grid or other objects is also extremely useful, especially if you can be very meticulous or pedantic like me 😆. On Notability, I also find that its alot easier to save documents to a pre-existing note and shuffle things around if need-be and that even if its a scanned document, the find function still works reasonably well on those and handwritten notes.

Conversely, GoodNotes makes inserting images much much easier. I can use a split screen of my planner on GoodNotes and Pinterest and drag images from pinterest to my planner really seamlessly. This way there’s no need to download and find the file among all your other downloads. I’ve also seen that there are study flashcards available on GoodNotes as an experimental feature. I’ve not tried this yet so I can’t weigh in an opinion on that, but if you have, drop a comment below and let me know what you thought of that feature. GoodNotes also has a really good search function for handwritten text, it’s quite amazing really… I say this because I tried so hard to write oxygen as horribly as possible with the mouse to really test its search, and it did remarkably well to identify the word (chicken scratch).

Because both of these offer really great options and tools when it comes to note-taking, I’ve found it so hard to pick between the two. This is what has led me to just use both. I use GoodNotes for my digital planners, and I use Notability for Uni and work. GoodNotes is much more affordable and is only a one-time payment, whereas Notability is a yearly subscription, not too bad, but then again shit is expensive these days and sometimes you really have to debate what is a priority for you.

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