Notion Dashboard

Notion Dashboard

I’m circling back to this book, and if you’ve been around for a while, you know I always do. Atomic Habits by James Clear epitomises how to best create habits (systems) that will drive a cascade of actionable systems toward your goal.

💡 Side-note: Its also a good idea to reflect on your #goals to try and understand your why behind them. If you have a why or a good root cause that drives you to (intrinsically) want to do the goal, then once the system is made, then it should run smoothly. If you don’t… then it won’t happen. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, then why? If its to look better in that outfit you’ve had in the back of your wardrobe (forever), it probably isn’t going to happen.

Since last semester, I’ve made some slight changes to my study method so that I can improve my average to secure my seat in second year med 🤞🏽. All I did, was include an embed block for Quizlet in my lecture template on Notion. Now I actually use it and I do a much better job at my spaced repetition, because instead of trying to audit myself, I now have the Quizlet app that tells me when I got it wrong. The flow on effects are that I have to keep doing that same card over and over and over again until I actually get it right. This small change to my system has already made such a big difference. I was previously using toggles on Notion, but that meant that I could cheat myself and tell myself ‘I knew what I meant.’

From here, I decided to try and up my productivity game a little more by creating a dashboard on Notion with backlinks to all these important pages such as my ‘study workspace’ in the hopes of having a similar effect on my personal life. I even managed to create a couple more templates to add onto the back of it and I’m actually really happy with it. The only downside is that my digital planner file on Notability is too large to create a link to add to said dashboard, so that they sync up. Oh well. I’ve since added the product on the website so that you can get it too, and only for $5 (NZD). This includes the backlinked page templates; financials, bucketlist, groceries, and way waaay more.

Have a good weekend,

Te Ana

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