“Ogres are like onions” | Why layers of productivity tools are important

“Ogres are like onions” | Why layers of productivity tools are important


Modern productivity tools have come a long way in the past few years. With an ever-evolving landscape of available services and software, the decision of which tool to use can be overwhelming. However, most experts agree that the best way to maximize productivity is not to search for an “all in one” tool, but rather to create a system of layers of tools that work together to get the job done.

The Benefits of Variety

Many of the most popular tools are built for a specific purpose and have limited capabilities. However, when these tools are used in conjunction with each other, they can be incredibly powerful. For example, using a task management application with a note-taking application can help to organize and track tasks, while also allowing you to store and reference related information.


Productivity layers also benefit from [interoperability]. It is important to choose tools that can easily talk to each other and exchange data. For example, a calendar application that integrates with a task management application can make it easier to plan and track tasks.

The Drawbacks of an All in One

The idea of an “all in one” tool can be tempting, but it often fails to meet the needs of the user. All in one tools are often bloated and inefficient, and they can lack the features and flexibility of specialized applications. Additionally, many all in one tools require a large upfront investment of time and money, which can be a significant barrier for a small business or individual.


When it comes to productivity tools, layers of applications are often more effective than a single “all in one” tool. By carefully selecting tools that integrate and interoperate, it is possible to create an efficient and powerful system that is tailored to your specific needs.

The Best Personal Productivity Tools

Finding the best productivity tools can be challenging, as there are many to choose from. Here are some of the most popular tools that can help you maximize your productivity:

  • Notion: Task management
  • Notability, GoodNotes, and Notion: Note-taking
  • Google Calendar: Calendar
  • Audible: Reading… I often don’t have the luxury to read all day like most people, and I really love reading, I tend to read fiction novels from a book, but will use Audible for almost everything else because I can listen at a faster speed and do it while doing other things. I always have at least one audible book downloaded before any road trip or long-haul drive.
  • Pinterest: Ideating projects/ designs - This has got be my favourite app of all time, very closely tied with Notion, there are just so many things on here, with superhandy links to blogs, youtube videos etc etc. If I have an idea for anything, you can guarantee, this will be the first app that I open.
  • Smiling Mind: I use this meditation app (almost) EVERY SINGLE DAY. It helps me fall asleep, I started this routine a couple of years ago and I find it just so handy, really helps me find my zen.

smiling mind

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