Reminder - It is okay to do nothing

Reminder - It is okay to do nothing

Yet, as I write this, I am fairly certain I am trying to convince myself more than I'm trying to convince you.

This morning I had yet another test, and to be honest, since then I've not done anything. Just being a little ol' couch potato as my back quite literally is preventing me from moving far. But back to the point. I've recently finished listening to the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. In this he talks about the difference between shallow and deep work, and really hones in on the benefits of deep work. As a quick definition, deep work is when all energy of an individual or team is focused on one project, without getting distracted by other things such as emails, notifications, social media scrolling etc etc. Think of it as finding your flow, but for work (whatever that may look like for you). Although, he doesn't skip mentioning that shallow work does have its purpose (its a time and place thing). 

One of my favourite topics he goes into is rest, and how in our modern age, we've really changed what that might look like. He mentions that rest or doing nothing doesn't mean scrolling or binge watching the latest tv series, but that its doing something you're really passionate about that allows you to switch your brain off. For me that is gardening, making something or surfing.. So when it was ~100km winds and raining here in Dunedin today, I was a little annoyed to say the least. And then on top of it all my back is just in so much pain that I struggled walking to the bathroom and literally forced me to do nothing. And here I am trying to remind myself that its okay to do nothing. Because said hobbies are my nothing, and so doing literally nothing drives me absolutely bonkers.

Zach and I managed to play a game of Scythe and a few games of Bananagrams, and now I'm running out of 'inside' things to do that allows me to do the thing from one spot, so please hit me with all your ideas please!!!

Te Ana 

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