The Efficiency Machine

The Efficiency Machine

Do you ever discover something and think, where has this been all my life!?

With the exponential growth of the productivity industry, the internet and retail products, it is still a wonder that people struggle to improve their productivity and efficiency. Sometimes, I find that collaboration is the best answer. 

Efficiency often comes best when the greatest tools are used in collaboration, to produce the best systems and processes. This is far greater than one tool that can do a mediocre job at everything. (I under stand that this may be a bit ambiguous, buuuut.) The Swiss Army Knife isn't famous for only the knife.

I do not claim that the Inkiest app will fix all your problems, but it has a collection of other tools that will help you get there. Furthermore, it is created with the thought in mind that it could go much further when used alongside its counterparts. To produce a collection of tools that together form a formidable force in helping you do your best. I have also included my content scheduling Notion template!! yaaaay! This would be really helpful for anyone running marketing and advertisement for a business of any size, I really hope you find this helpful, this is just what I do, you can get it here ☺️ 

Some of the (other) best tools I personally have in my arsenal are;

1. Notion (free)

For literally anything.

2. Notability (only iOS)

Especially for study - definitely worth it for note-taking.

3. Sharesies (NO - this is NOT sponsored...[I wish])

This is amazing for getting into investing!

4. Canva (free)

This is great for graphic designs, presentations and the like. Suuuuuper handy.

5. Pinterest (free)

If you're thinking, why is even on the list, its a given... BUT, I added it because I had to explain to my friend a couple weeks ago what it is and why its so good. You get to categorise, compartmentalise and group all these awesome pictures, that are often linked to a blog. 

6. Smiling Mind (free)

This is a meditation app, and let me tell you. It is good. They've even got a feature where you can keep the background music playing even once the meditation is done, and this is so handy. Let me tell you, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I find it so easy to get back to sleep if this background music is still playing. I literally use this every day.

7. Stocard (free)

This can scan all those pesky membership cards you have... ladies, I'm looking at you. Our wallets only have so much capacity. By scanning your cards to this app, you can now throw them out! And just use the app for the cards instead 😄 

8. iHeart Radio (free)

For some podcasts and listening to radio

9. Strava (free)

This maps and tracks your runs, bike ride, surf, snowboard, hikes and more.

10. Audible 

Books in audio format! Super handy to consume, especially if you do a lot of driving. It's also super handy if you're quite time poor, I find that I can listen to these while I'm gardening, cooking, or going for a walk. 

11. Magicplan (free)

So handy for construction and floor plans!! I love doing projects around the house, so this is helpful in working out spacing etc. 

12. AllTrails (free)

Is a hiking app, that will show you local hikes with reviews, and a map of the hike!!

13. Flo or Clue (both free)

These are both period or ovulation tracking apps, because, 50% of the worlds population will at some stage of their life have this. 

14. Vectornator (free)

Graphic designing in vector!!! 

15. Procreate 

Graphic designing with a huge range of brushes and textures.

16. VN

Video editing, that makes it easy to select specific timings.

So many, but I hope this helped to some degree. 

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