What is Inkiest?

What is Inkiest?

We are a productivity & organisation business. But MOST of all, we are a community, we are ALL ABOUT being organised, productive and all that good shit. I'm talking about the Facebook K-mart mum groups, or the kmart/ ikea hack pages. I am one of those people that watch Marie Kondo and The Home Edit and plan out how to organise all my shit just for funsies. And, I like to keep all my stuff organised, neat and in a row, because it just comes naturally. But even more so, I'm here to help others who don't get that. I have/ had (its a long story) step-sisters who thought it was strange that my kind of therapy was cleaning my room and organising all my things. Or re-arranging my room as a kid was exciting... Now I'm 28 and I have a favourite spatula and I get annoyed if the toilet roll is facing the wrong way (if you know, you know). 

But this is me, and this is the kind of community I'm trying to create. Yes, this is also a business. Yes, I'm going to be doing unsolicited, plug-ins of the products and services I have, and yes I'm going to be promoting the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit out of Inkiest. SO... You can join us, or leave us. You decide. I'm still figuring most of this out and feel like my mental state in trying to create a start-up business is a mental tornado of a shit-storm. ha! Some days are good, some days are shit. And yes, I swear a lot. I'm getting better, but hey, it's me, Maaaaario... 'Ello 😆

After this very lengthy explanation, I hope you get the point, that there is no point. Have a great autumn, and I'll see you soon.


Te Ana from Inkiest Co.

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