“What is your ideal day?” | How I use this question to guide my big life decisions

“What is your ideal day?” | How I use this question to guide my big life decisions

For as long as I remember, I've used the question “what is your ideal day” to self reflect on what I'm currently doing and how/ if it's serving a purpose for future, ideal me. When we're kids we have no problem pondering what we could be when we grow up… This is before adulthood rears its ugly head and slaps you across the face. So, what does your ideal day look like? How similar or different is it to your current day to day?

Now that it's July, the average person will have already completely forgotten about their new year's resolution(s). I tend to let my Bucketlist help me decide what my new year's resolutions are, and I work backwards from there. Whatever these are, it can be more achievable if it's something you genuinely want to do, or something that aligns with your interests and current day to day routine. I then break down that massive goal into smaller (medium) goals that act as a foundational support to me achieving the massive goal, and I identify any smaller goals that would support the medium goals and identify any habits that I need to incorporate into my daily routine that would help me achieve all of these, whilst continuing (most of) my current habits. For me, my hobbies are travel, water sports (exercise in general), and learning, just to name a few.

To aid in all of this, I've created a Notion Template that you can get to work through all of these. I have this set as a template, that way every year I can create a new one, name it after the year and can easily also plan ahead for my 5 or even 10 year plan 😀 These help so much in keeping track of life, preventing myself from merely existing and intentionally living the life I want. Obviously it can be hard to do many of these things with inflation, extreme costs of living and a global shortage on basically everything. So please do be gentle on yourself, know that it is okay to just try and survive and get through life's difficulties, many people are just trying to get through the year let alone plan a trip around the world.

We’re finally at the end of this, but if you want to learn more and boost your productivity level plus get free stuff you can join our community here or check out our other blogs. As a reward for sticking all the way to the end, if you would like to get a discount code to get the yearly planner for free, use the code #IDEALDAY at checkout!

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